Dabbling in the Blog-o-sphere

gaping_void_blogger_jokeFor the past few months I’ve been in a Multimedia Journalism course, where we were tasked with creating a blog and keeping it updated.

I’m not yet sure how I feel about the rapid increase in bloggers and online diarists. When I write, I don’t really like to write about myself- and so blogging puts me in a difficult spot.

I’ve certainly found other bloggers out there who I admire- but most of them, as well, don’t really blog about their personal lives. They write about issues that compel them, and this is what I imagine I will continue to do if I decide to keep this blog active.

I posted a few brief affordable housing related things earlier in the semester- dealing with the exclusive Tahoe housing market and the effect an economy based on tourism and wealthy second-homeowners  has had on our sense of community.

I enjoyed taking a break from seriousness and photoshopping the hell out of a Twitter post,explaining why it would be useful in the apocalypse.

I’m really all over the place with what I write. Yes- I’m niche-less, and I’m going to continue to be.



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