5 Things I’ve Learned in Multimedia Journalism 101

The Fall Semester is wrapping up, and with it the Multimedia Journalism class that was the driving force behind this blog. Here are a few things I’m taking away from the experience:

  1. Video and Audio editing:

Thanks to iMovie, Garage Band (and somewhat Audacity), audio and video editing are easier than I ever imagined they would be. Far easier than InDesign, that is.

2. Storyboards:

It’s easy to breeze through a project without an outline, but coming up with storyboards for short videos, blog posts and audio sound slides has helped me discover how beneficial they can be to almost any creative project.

3. I Sort of like Twitter?

I never thought I would say this- but yes. I sort of like Twitter. I like that I’m not bogged down in ads from the moment I log in, and the text heavy format, and the fact that I have to limit myself to the bare bones. And Nihilist Arby’s. Always Nihilist Arby’s. Screenshot 2015-12-11 10.01.59

4. Multimedia journalism is a new thing

I guess the years melt away quickly since the inception of the digital age. But I really thought that video, audio and graphic renditions of story concepts would have come along sooner than 2011.

5. People are giddy to tell their stories.

I thought I would be met with a little more suspicion and reluctance when asking friends and acquaintances to share their stories (for my assignments). I’m always genuinely surprised and honored by how ready people are to share a part of themselves.



Dabbling in the Blog-o-sphere

gaping_void_blogger_jokeFor the past few months I’ve been in a Multimedia Journalism course, where we were tasked with creating a blog and keeping it updated.

I’m not yet sure how I feel about the rapid increase in bloggers and online diarists. When I write, I don’t really like to write about myself- and so blogging puts me in a difficult spot.

I’ve certainly found other bloggers out there who I admire- but most of them, as well, don’t really blog about their personal lives. They write about issues that compel them, and this is what I imagine I will continue to do if I decide to keep this blog active.

I posted a few brief affordable housing related things earlier in the semester- dealing with the exclusive Tahoe housing market and the effect an economy based on tourism and wealthy second-homeowners  has had on our sense of community.

I enjoyed taking a break from seriousness and photoshopping the hell out of a Twitter post,explaining why it would be useful in the apocalypse.

I’m really all over the place with what I write. Yes- I’m niche-less, and I’m going to continue to be.